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Kamco™ Systemsafe DM

One litre of SYSTEMSAFE-DM
  • One litre of SYSTEMSAFE-DM prevents scale & sludge formation
  • Prevents internal pitting & galvanic corrosion
  • Prevents hydrogen gas formation
  • Prevents microbiological contamination

Once a heating system has been power flushed to remove sludge and corrosion deposits, it is important to protect it from further deterioration.

This can be achieved by treating the system water with Systemsafe-DM, a balanced blend of corrosion and scale inhibitors, formulated to provide complete protection against system corrosion and scale formation. It gives long term protection to central heating systems, preventing internal corrosion, scale deposition and boiler noises. It extends the life of systems and maintains operational efficiency.

If you live in a hard water area, it is advisable to fit either a scale inhibitor or a water softener to your home. This will help to prevent further build up of scale in the system and also reduce the risk of having to repeat the power flushing process in the future. Please contact me for a quote for fitting either of these devices.

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